Industry Specific Big Data Analytics


Proven at fast growing start-ups and established enterprises, Ascentti offers next generation big data applications for data discovery, strategic investigation, and operations management.  We build custom analytics capabilities for each client leveraging full lifecycle data security, the ability to scale up and down on demand, and advanced data science to solve critical questions.


Industrial IoT

We all know the drill, slow and steady progress through continual improvement.  Rigorous adherence to Deming principles will pay off in the long run.  And then there's AI. Artificial intelligence is upending industries, creating entirely new product lines, and transforming the way we think about improvement.  Algorithms that learn as they go are the new standard.  When these algorithms are fed by both historic and streaming data from heterogeneous devices we broaden our planning horizons and reveal new opportunities.  Learn more about industrial IoT:  INDUSTRY

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Health Care

Reducing costs while improving outcomes requires a wholistic view of each patient at home and in a care facility.  The challenge is orchestrating the available data into one coherent information source.  Our secure infrastructure allows care givers to access unrealized data sources, in real time and with greater precision.  When combined with deep insight into patient histories through text analysis and hand writing recognition, along with third party application integrations, we provide the fullest possible view of a patient at this critical moment.  Learn more about our health practice: HEALTHCARE

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Legacy brand names in hospitality are constructed on years of experience satisfying highly valued clientele. To discerne the changing perceptions of clients in a manner that is non-invasive and preserves privacy is a challenge made more complex as the available solutions become more powerful.  Ascentti aggregates information from a wide variety of data sources and third party applications to create a coherent story for each guest, allowing resorts, shops, and restaurants to respond in an informed and elegant manner.  Learn more about how we provide enhanced data about your guests: HOSPITALITY


The Ascentti Algorithm


Explore our platform and learn how Ascentti derives unique insight by combining historic with streaming data to increase awareness and broaden decision horizons.  PLATFORM